Improve Your Life With One Powerful Question

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How to improve your life with one powerful question…

I was introduced to a book today, about transforming your life with one powerful question.

Those of you who know me, will know how much I love questions for providing effectual access to personal transformation.

This book title intrigued me, particularly because it asserted that one powerful question would “do the trick”!

The question that the author suggested we use, is…

What is one thing I can do now, to improve this by 1%?

One Powerful Question Improve This Quote Image 250px 14kbPerfect! It consummately aligns with my business name of Forward Steps. A one percent improvement is precisely that – one step forward.

If you have the opportunity I recommend reading Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect”. Darren’s book goes into that topic at a much deeper level and explains in much more detail, how incremental steps will really pay off over time.

Are you looking to move forward in any area of life right now? For example, taking a relationship to another level, improving work circumstances, wanting to feel more motivated, or even feeling like you want to do nothing at all.

Here’s a challenge for you…

During this next week, for every action (and non-action) that you choose, each moment, ask yourself…

What is one thing I can do now, to improve this by 1%?

One Powerful Question Improvements In Everything Quote Image 250px 14kbConsider, even in moments of not wanting to do anything, how you could improve your “do nothing time” by 1%? Could you maybe shut down your electronics and phones? Could you set up a room for the express purpose of your doing nothing all day?

How about when wanting to improve relationships within your family, the workplace or socially? Could you be 1% more present in your conversations? How about giving 1% more hugs, compliments or thank you comments during each day.

Within each task along the journey of a work project, could you stay with a problem 1% longer? Can you invite another person’s perspective? How about 1% extra work time allotted? This may only be around 5 minutes at the end of a work day, however, you might use those minutes for clearing or setting up your work space, ready to begin promptly the next morning.

One percent might not seem very much. Yet, over the period of a full year and applied to every area of life, I can well imagine that the differences and impacts will be considerable.

Go ahead, right now, and post that question at a prominent place in your home, office and car. Practice it all of this week.

If you’d like to share your experience or ideas, simply find the Forward Steps self improvement Facebook page or join my email series, where we can continue the conversation.

I look forward to hearing your experiences with this power question and sharing unique ideas for implementing it.

Thea Westra
Thea Westra

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