Don’t Kink Your Flow! Three Tips to Increase the Flow in Your Life


Here’s how to improve your life flow and mind power.

Imagine being in a water fight on a hot summer day. You have some little squirt guns and some buckets and everyone is wet. Finally you decide to pull out the hose, and turn it on full blast! However, there is a kink somewhere in the hose, and the water just seeps out.

What went wrong? Tightness and grasping always decrease the natural flow of anything. If you want to excel and master your mind and have more energy, then learn to be relaxed and receptive to the harmonies and natural flows of the universe.

kinkLet me give you three tips on how to keep yourself unkinked when your life or energy flow gets blocked. But first, you’ll need to learn the three top kinks.

1.  The first major reason you get a kink in your flow is because you want something too desperately. Needing and craving something creates tightness, and this slows down the flow of energy (money, love, things) to you.

So what’s the remedy?

Be grateful! Feeling and expressing gratitude for what you DO have right now, creates a relaxed sense of flow. If you want a new car, that’s fine. You’ll actually be more likely to manifest a new car into your life if you are truly grateful for (and somewhat content with) the car you have already! Cultivate a relaxed sense of ease about where you are in life and what you have. Then desire more… starting with that spirit of relaxation and ease. That increases flow.

Feel less craving and more contentment.

2.  The second reason for a kink in your life flow is a lack of focus. In this case it is more of a “spreading out” than a kink (alas, analogies only go so far). Yet analogies are still useful.

The reason a hose works in directing the water flow is that the water is confined by the diameter of the hose. The water has very specific (and strong) boundaries, and also a very focused direction. This creates power and makes the flow useful…!

If the water just went everywhere at once, all power and focus would be lost in an instant.

Does your mind have boundaries and a specific direction, or is your mental energy and power simply flying all over in every direction?

The remedy for this is to FOCUS on what you want. Direct your mind power to specific purposes and goals.

3.  The third common kink in your energy and life flow is to be in too much of a hurry. Flows take time. When I plant tomatoes in the early spring, I don’t run to my nursery a couple weeks later and complain that I don’t have tomatoes yet. We need to recognize that there are natural cycles and flows in life, and we need to be patient.

Your visions take time to clothe themselves with physical matter. Be humble and live within the larger ebbs and flows of life and relationships around you.

There you have it. Your life will flow better when you consistently practice gratitude, focus, and patience.

These tips may not be revolutionary, but they will be effective in your life.

Christopher Westra

Christopher Westra
Christopher Westra

Bio: Christopher is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires”.  He loves to read, write, create websites, and run up mountains for fun. Click here for a video on Nine Manifesting Secrets and Tools



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