The Power of Incremental Actions and Meta-Decisions



I want to talk to you about the power of incremental actions and meta-decisions. They are two different things, but they are related, and I’ll tell you how.

One quote I really love is “Incremental Actions bring Monumental Results”. It’s one of my very few Christopher Westra original quotes. The idea is not new – just the words.

“Incremental Actions bring Monumental Results”

Incremental actions are simply small actions that build on one another. Even though they may be small, the effects are cumulative, and over time they can really lead to monumental results! Eating an apple a day, or getting up a half hour earlier and using that time well, will yield enormous benefits over the course of a few decades.

The effectiveness of the incremental actions is in the consistency that you do them. If you are sporadic in your actions, the benefits are much smaller.

This is why Meta-decisions are so powerful… because they lead to vision, clarity, and consistency.

The word “meta” means beyond, transcending, or more comprehensive. Thus meta-physics is above, beyond, or more than physics. Meta-communication is higher than and better than regular communication, consisting in communication about communication.

Meta-Decisions are powerful decisions about decisions.

Meta-Decisions are powerful decisions about decisions, specifically about courses of incremental actions, which necessarily span a time period.

Wealthy people make meta-decisions. Meta-decisions will influence your life for months and years, not just the next 20 minutes. Meta-decisions require commitment.

I’ll give you some clear examples from my own life:

Choosing to work out once is a great choice. Deciding to become a Black Belt in the Martial Arts was a Meta-Decision, involving thousands of incremental workouts.

Taking my wife out to a play is a fun evening. Committing to take my wife out on at least 52 dates per year is a powerful meta-decision (with many benefits).

Building a sand pile is a nice project. Deciding to build my own home was a Meta-Decision. I probably won’t make that particular meta-decision again, but it’s still a good example.

Getting up once in the morning when my alarm rings gets a good start on that day. Making the meta-decision to put my alarm across the room and NEVER get back into bed once I’m out gives a tremendous strength to my success. You will only lay on the floor for so long before you get going. It’s kind of cold, so it’s easier to just get up.

Review your life for impactful decisions which really improved your happiness and well being, and then start committing to more meta-decisions. Meta-decisions are really commitments to habits, and make your life easier.

I don’t have to decide every morning whether to get up or stay in my warm bed. I’ve already made that decision. When sugary treats are in my house, I don’t need to decide whether to eat them. I’ve already made that decision. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, I don’t need to decide whether I’m going to the gym or not. I’ve already made that decision.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make exceptions or be flexible. When you are clear on what you really want in the long run, it’s easy to get back on track when you detour a bit. People sometimes think I have superb will-power. I don’t. What I do have is clarity.

Think more in terms of clarity than in terms of will-power, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do in your life. Make those meta-decisions that will lead to years of small, incremental positive actions!

Those incremental actions will truly bring you monumental results in all the most important areas of your life.


meta-decisions Christopher Westra
Christopher Westra

Bio: Christopher is the author of “I Create Reality: How to Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Desires”.  He loves to read, write, create websites, and run up mountains for fun. Click here for a video on Nine Manifesting Secrets and Tools



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