How You as an Introvert Can Find More Peace

exchange of ideas

Recently in coaching a more introverted manager we uncovered their feelings of frustration. While they had not tried a couple of ideas we brainstormed, they were unsure if results would warrant more personal energy.

When we left the meeting, they decided to sleep on it. I asked, “Why not let go of feeling frustrated, and replace it with feeling peaceful, knowing all possible avenues are exhausted?”

Maybe as someone more introverted you’ve felt discontent or even guilt from things like pushing yourself to more extroverting?

How You as an Introvert Can Find More Peace

make peace with your past

How You as an Introvert Can Find More Peace:

–   Put yourself first.  

Claim your quiet time, and then take the time to meditate or learn how to begin this practice.

According to davidji, internationally recognized stress-management expert, corporate trainer, meditation teacher, and author, we can breathe our way to Bliss in 16 Seconds. Here are his steps:

  • Breathe in deeply for four seconds.
  • Hold the breath in for four seconds.
  • Breathe out for four seconds.
  • Hold the on the out breath for four seconds.

That’s the 16 seconds. Your attention is on your breath and not what’s happening around you. If you like it, go for 3 more rounds and in just 1 minute – Ahh, peace.

–   Find preferred modes of solitude.

I’m a tree hugger when weather allows. Whether it’s your neighborhood, a park, a beach or a bike ride, consider getting out to enjoy nature.

About a year ago, several close friends were going through most difficult times, possibly with the worst outcomes you could imagine. My meditation didn’t work. I went deeper into my faith, finding that visiting a church, on weekdays, offered solitude. During the trying time, this worked and allowed me to be a better support person for my friends.

Finding solitude in the concrete jungle is powerful and peaceful. ~Mike Dolan,

Have several modes of solitude – in case of inclement weather.

–   Reflect on the issue

Introspection (self-observation) plus willingness equals self-awareness. Reflecting can be either self-observation or consideration of external factors.

When writing my most recent book, I discovered research with military cadets around writing or journaling for reflection. Findings were disappointing for the researchers’ presumptions: written reflection didn’t allow deep reflection and, in general, was difficult to accomplish.

You might wonder what worked best? It turns out another study found engaging in a discussion with one other person allowed for more revelations.

Find your friend with the most enjoyable one to one conversations with you. Get ready to step into deeper reflections. Put the issue to rest.

exchange of ideas

Even easy steps make take practice for introverts to be more at peace. In general we are already more introspective and solitary. Just put yourself first, and then take another step.

What’s the next step you can take to find more peace?

What other actions or steps do you prefer to be more at peace?

Patricia Weber
Patricia Weber

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