Treat IBS With Work On Your Chakras

ChakrasLet’s be honest, irritable bowel syndrome is not a pleasant condition.

To make things even worse, some people see doctor after doctor and try diet after diet along with prescription after prescription and experience little to no results.

While it is important to see a doctor anytime you are experiencing issues with your body, sometimes the answer may not comes from a prescription.

Have you ever heard of chakras? If not you may want to consider learning about them. After all, chakras can either bring blessings and benefits into our lives or provide us with difficulties and complications, including health issues such as IBS.

The reason for this is that our chakras are energy centers that can become imbalanced. The problem with this is that each chakra is responsible for doing certain things such as regulating certain organs and providing us with different blessings in life. When a chakra becomes imbalanced, whatever it is responsible for regulating does as well.

The sacral chakra is well known for causing IBS when it is imbalanced. In a way, this is almost good news due to the fact that repairing a chakra can be quite simple compared to things that some doctors may want you to do.

Keep in mind, combining westernized medicine with eastern practices such as chakra healing tends to be quite effective when it comes to treating many different illnesses and health conditions.

Healing the Chakras

There are many different ways to heal the sacral chakra. Just in case you are new to chakras, I will provide you with some beginner level examples.

Simple visualization exercises tend to be very effective when it comes to healing all of the chakras. A simple exercise that you may want to consider trying is closing your eyes, taking a few deep breathes and then visualizing an orange ball in your naval area. Picture this ball slowly getting larger and larger. Continue this visualization for several minutes and you will surely feel the results!

Another option that people tend to receive positive results from is meditation. In older times, people needed to be skilled and highly knowledgeable in meditation in order to practice it properly. However, in modern times, there are guided meditations that come in the form of recordings. This allows those who are brand new to meditation to experience the same results as someone who has been practicing it for years.

You may also want to consider incorporating a lot of the color orange into your diet. Anything from an orange to and orange bell pepper will work, the possibilities are endless!

While needing to heal a chakra might sound like a really bad thing, it can be easily fixed. Keep in mind, chakra healing can take some time. Therefore you cannot expect to work on it for a day and expect to cure your IBS. There will be effort and patience involved however it will be highly rewarded in the long run!

Stop letting IBS rule your life and regain control by working on your chakras!

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Chakras taking control Stephanie Mulac

For the past 20 years, Stephanie Mulac has been recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the personal growth area, and ways to change your life. She is an author, speaker, and Intuitive Life Coach, and has been a facilitator for 1000s of people worldwide in guiding them to manifest the life of their dreams and lead an extraordinary existence!


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