Introvert Secrets To Actually Soar Effective Communications

Effective Communications!

In a collaborative webinar with one of my introvert online authorities and friends, Michaela Chung and I spoke about, Communication Mastery For Quiet Introverts.

In contributing I focused on four tools essential communication tools every introvert needs.

Now I offer you, at least three of what we discussed.

Introvert Secrets To Actually Soar Effective Communications

Be your own CSI (crime scene investigation) detective. In a similar way to this television series featuring an elite team of forensic experts in crime cases in various cities, we can be experts for our everyday situation investigations, ESI.

File:CSI Logo.png From Wikimedia Commons, free media repository

As experts, we want to look for how we communicate both effectively and ineffectively in activities like meeting over a cup of coffee or tea with a friend. Even how with close friends we might decide about what restaurant for dinner. Or, maybe it’s persuading our children, younger and older, to develop certain habits.

As an ESI, we can pull our authenticity into other communications, in particular, business situations. Using this approach can both strengthen our effectiveness and our confidence.

When you think about your closest and most treasured relationships, what are the communication habits that you bring to them that boost them to that level of success? Then consider seeing yourself pulling in those same habits to future relationships.

Bridge this gap with story telling.

introvert-story-tellingThere are various proven ways to open a presentation or business meeting to get the audience’s attention. I played around with best opening statements as a corporate trainer doing workshops across the world for business executives and employees.

Consider: a startling statistic, humor not to be confused with jokes, a quotation, an engaging question, or referencing a current event.

By far, the best way to ensure you break your audience’s attention is to start a personal anecdote to connect and get people listening to you!

If you haven’t heard Susan Cain’s TED Talk  as she launched her 2012 book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, take time to at least listen to and watch at least the opening.

Stories are engaging, can get some laughs as you go, and most importantly, people can find them relatable as they search their memories for, “I’ve had a similar experience!”Now let me share one more of some introvert secrets to actually soar effective communications:

Know your pronouns.Introvert-Secrets-To-Actually-Soar-Effective-Communications

In early 2015 university professors at the University of California Berkley and University of Michigan, teamed up to study how the language we use in referring to ourselves in particular when introspecting, influences how we think, feel and behave under stress.

In seven studies, with 585 participants, one of the most impressive findings is a simple change. When in an anxious communication situation, think or talk to yourself as “you’, “she/he”, or your own name instead of “I” or me. Thinking this way reduces anxiousness and causes us to ruminate less about the situation.

What Introvert Secrets To Actually Soar Effective Communications can you put to better use?

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