How an introvert can spice things up – ever think about it?

My husband consolidates our spice jars when a current one is running low. He saw the cinnamon running low, so he combined the old with the new jar. What he didn’t observe when he did this is which cover to keep.

How an introvert can spice things up – ever think about it?

introvert can spice things upThen I started wondering. Looking at the jar with the wrong cover reminded me how some of us can be more of an introvert and not like who we are. It could be either because we don’t like ourselves, or we have some misconceptions about who we are. Many people including myself, often called these myths.

When we fall into wrong beliefs from the myths, we might try to put on a different face like a jar having a different lid.

How an introvert can spice things up – ever think about it?

Underestimate introversion. In the last three years, Susan Cain’s book Quiet” put the introvert in the spotlight. It propelled dozens more people to author books on different aspects of being an introvert can spice! Whether it’s about the introvert in the workplace, the introvert as leaders, or introvert entrepreneurs, the curtain is up on the truths.

Spice things up: Value introversion.

Waste weaknesses. Let me ask you, do you try to build up perceived weaknesses? And do that before leading from your strengths? It’s not about changing and learning more extroverted behaviors; it’s about leveraging your introversion strengths. If we let these myths and more perpetuate, we continue to undermine ourselves. It’s like a battleship with gaping holes in the side. No matter how powerful it was once, it’s going to sink if things don’t get fixed quickly.

Spice things up: Work more with your strengths.

introvert ignorance confidenceExtrovert or introvert is all or none. Introvert and extrovert is more of a continuum with ambivert in the middle. Hans Eysenck first used the term “ambivert” in 1947. This preference is a balance between qualities of introversion and extroversion. Introvert, extrovert, and ambivert are natural, brain-wired temperaments. Each style has its strengths. It’s more a situation of fixing the communication problems, not the people. What works best for most people is not to become more like someone else or something else but instead to be the best version of themselves in any situation.

Spice things up: Enjoy the introvert, ambivert, extrovert spectrum all day long.

I didn’t always know I was more of the introvert type. Then once promoted to sales manager, after seven successful years in sales in the corporate environment, I discovered I was an INTJ from the MBTI. My immediate reaction, “Oh my goodness, I went the wrong direction in my career.”

My confidence developed from several of my introvert tendencies like planning, thinking things through and listening more than talking.

Spice jar lesson: cinnamon becomes cinnamon sugar by adding some sugar. There’s no reason to change yourself to find your sugar; your sugar comes from your strengths.

How an introvert can spice things up?

Patricia Weber introvert
Patricia Weber

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