Exercise Motivation

We are now deep into a brand new year. For most people, this means ambitious resolutions, healthy eating, more exercise, and maybe even a reinvigorated gym routine. It is a chance for positive change. The only problem is that this change rarely lasts. Without the right kind of exercise motivation, that ‘brand new you’ is likely to be short lived.

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Grain Brain Diet

These days, there are so many health experts shouting about ‘the next big diet trend’ that it can be tricky to keep up. Every time you turn on the news, the rules have changed. Every time you open a magazine, the headlines are filled with details of a new eating fad. It is hard to stay healthy in a modern world. There are vices everywhere. And the information that we are given is always conflicting. So, when an eating plan like the grain brain diet comes along, it is easy to end up missing out.

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Best Diet For Hypertension

There are lots of different blood pressure diets available. They all claim to be the best diet for hypertension around. What makes the DASH diet stand out is its relative simplicity. You do not need complex eating schedules. You can do away with pseudo-science. The DASH diet for hypertension involves clean and straightforward changes. And the most important is cutting down on your salt intake.

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