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Mayo Clinic Diet Plan appleWe live in a diet obsessed society. Our every move is scrutinized by fitness and lifestyle companies who want to sell us ideas about happiness. These enterprises make their money out from our dissatisfaction with our bodies. So, can they really be trusted to have our best interests at heart? Where is the best place to look for a diet that is simple, effective, and honest? Or, is blaming the diet industry the wrong move? After all, diets like the Mayo Clinic diet plan seem to be very positive.

If you are new Mayo Clinic Diet Plan before and after dieterto dieting, things are bound to seem confusing at first. But, once you find an eating plan that works, the results can be remarkable. The problem is finding the motivation and commitment to stick with it. This is hard for modern dieters. There are so many distractions. Why exercise if you can watch TV? Why prepare fresh vegetables when you can order a takeout meal? The good news is that the Mayo Clinic diet plan is here to change things.

The Mayo Clinic Diet Plan can help you to turn your diet, life, and body around. And its power lies in the fact that it breaks bad habits. The Mayo Clinic diet plan does not forbid or lecture. It doesn’t even tell you that you cannot eat certain foods. It teaches a person how to make better choices. And, particularly, how to control their consumption of harmful fats, sugars, and sodium. It does this, in part, by forbidding habits like eating while watching television.

Appetite Cartoon Man Eating & Watch TVThis is a really important thing to get on-board with. It is similar to what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques are designed to do. This form of therapy targets the troublesome habits that drive poor choices and reshapes them. So, eating in front of the TV is a perfect example. Very often, we do not eat here because we are hungry. We eat here because that is what we are used to doing. The food has become linked to the action of watching television.

This guide to the benefits of the Mayo Clinic diet plan will help you get to grips with why this is such a useful diet. It will also give you some advice on how to use self-hypnosis to make eating healthy much easier.

Learning the Basics of the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

Essentially, the Mayo diet plan is based on what we already know. We understand that saturated fats and salts are bad. We know that fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are great for the body. It is not a difficult diet to follow. The good news is that it can work wonders for diabetics and anybody who is at risk of coronary disease. The Mayo Clinic detox diet encourages a healthy balance between ‘losing it’ and ‘living it.’

girl eats sweetsThis means that treats are, technically, allowed on Mayo Clinic Diet Plan. But they must be occasional and they must be enjoyed in small amounts. This applies to alcohol too. The emphasis is on calorie counting, as per usual, but in regards to portion sizes. You are allowed to mix and match portion sizes, as you like, as long as you adhere to recommended amounts of fat, salt, and sugar. In fact, sugar is tightly controlled. However, this occurs after the first two weeks.

During the first two weeks of the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan, you are effectively encouraged to get all of that sugar loving out of your system. You are particularly encouraged to snack on fruit and vegetables. They will fill you up, without filling you full of calories. Wholemeal and whole wheat foods are considered very healthy. So, swap out white rice and pasta for brown varieties. The goes for your bread – eat wholemeal or wheat germ.

Sample Meals on the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

The following diet plan is just one example of a healthy Mayo Clinic detox arrangement. You can take this plan for yourself. Or, you can use it to create a personalized plan.


1 Omelet (diced onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and mushrooms)
1 slice of whole grain toast with low fat spread
1 medium orange
Coffee (regular or decaf) or tea


½ a pitta bread stuffed with red and green peppers and hummus
1 bowl of plain salad
1 cup of raspberries
Sparkling water or iced tea


3 ounces of grilled tuna seasoned with lemon
½ cup of whole grain pasta (onion, celery, parsley, olive oil)
Roasted broccoli with balsamic vinegar
1 cup of fresh melon
Water or tea


1 cup of low fat (plain) Greek yogurt
Water, tea, or calorie free drink

This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. Neuro-VISION, Inc.  disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

What Good is a Diet, If You Can’t Stick to It?

For the Mayo Clinic diet plan to be successful, you need to realize one thing. It can only be as effective as you want it to be. Now, you might be very vocal and positive on the outside. But, are you really committed on the inside? You have to be willing to give up the excuses and the bad habits. This is not about blame, because we all fall down sometimes. We all try and fail. But most of the time, we fail because we were not truly committed, and we never were.

commitmentSo, before you embark on the Mayo Clinic diet plan, ask yourself this: Are you ready succeed? Are you ready to redefine the way that you think about eating? If the answer is yes, it’s time to get started. The reality is that, without some special help, you will find it hard. All diets are hard, because they involve control and regulation. And human beings are not very good at either. The reason why so many diets fail is because of a number of complex environmental and emotional issues. I’m going to shed a great deal of light on these issues later on in this article, and show you an easy way out.

The reason why so many diets fail is because of a number of complex environmental and emotional issues.

The good news is that learning self-hypnosis can make this much easier. With hypnosis for losing weight, you are invincible. You can conquer those temptations to snack, by programming your mind to automatically eliminate the cravings! Your mind can easily be programmed to actually erase cravings as fast as they appear. I’ll explain more on this topic in a few minutes.

For diabetics, the eating plan is about more than just losing weight. The Mayo Clinic diabetic plan can help you to control your sugar levels and lower the risk of chronic health conditions. But first, you have to be willing to take an honest look at your weaknesses. This is something that is very often disregarded by modern eating plans. Yet, it is fundamental to success. If you cannot identify the instincts that control you appetite, it will be difficult to avoid them.

Acknowledging the Reasons Why Diets Fail

man eating burgerIf you are going to succeed and lose weight with a Mayo Clinic diet meal plan, you first need to learn about why diets usually fail. If you know this, you know exactly what to avoid. The following section will outline some of the main habits that drive appetite.

There are three mental components that trigger cravings. And without help, they are hard to overcome. The newsflash is that these components can be broken.

mom feeding baby



The first component is that people eat food and drink for pleasure and relaxation. There is a little program in the brain that is created when an infant’s mom puts a bottle into the child’s mouth. The infant becomes distracted, relaxes, and usually falls asleep. This programs us to get relaxation and pleasure by putting food (cigarettes, fingernails, etc.) into our mouth.


The second component involves what are known as conditioned responses. Here is an example: If you eat while working at your desk a few times, your mind will associate eating with sitting at your desk. Thereafter, your mind will trigger cravings for food each and every time you sit at your desk. The same thing will happen if you eat while watching TV, or driving, or whatever. Pretty soon eating becomes a conditioned response to almost everything that you do!

Mayo Clinic Diet Plan fat womanLast but not least, there are emotional reasons why we overeat. This is a difficult concept for most to grasp. Some patients start to feel compulsions to eat because when one is overweight, it can afford all kinds of emotional protection.

For example: In an unhappy relationship, having an overweight and unattractive body can eliminate a spouse’s desire to have sex with you. Or, it can keep you from going outside of the relationship and cheating, for the sake of retaining the family unit.

Ninety-nine percent of the emotional eaters do not recognize this aspect of their eating problems.

Making Self-Hypnosis & NLP Your Secret Weapons

acceptance to appreciationIf you find that you suffer with constant cravings, or are struggling with portion sizes or sticking to recommended calorie amounts, self-hypnosis can be your secret dieting weapon. It is designed to deconstruct all of those harmful thought patterns related to food and eating. With NLP techniques, it becomes easy to stick to an eating plan. It becomes easy, because the need for willpower is replaced with new subconscious programming which eliminates cravings and compulsions, as it builds motivation to lose weight.

If you consider something to be a chore, it will be harder to commit to. But healthy eating does not have to be a nightmare. It has plenty of rewards. You get to feel much more energetic. Your mental and emotional health will improve. Your level of self-esteem will grow by leaps and bounds. And you will feel more positive towards life in general. The benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle go far beyond just the physical. But everybody struggles, and self-hypnosis can provide a powerful solution to that dilemma.

The following section will explain in more detail how some of these techniques can be beneficial for weight loss.

A Few of the Amazing Hypnosis & NLP Techniques Available for Killing Appetite and Losing Weight

NLP Anchoring Technique

Have you ever listened to music and had it trigger emotions from a past experience? When you initially listened to the song, you were experiencing those emotional feelings and they were unconsciously connected to the sound of the song. So the song became an ‘Anchor’ for the emotions that you were feeling. Now when you hear that song, it triggers the same emotions again.

nlp anchorAnchoring can be a very beneficial system. Pretend that you have a memory of being praised for having done something well in the past. If you plunge yourself back into that memory, you’ll feel the same feelings of self-esteem that you felt at that time. If you touch two fingers together while you are experiencing those feelings, those emotions will become associated with the touch of those two fingers.

Now everytime that you press those two fingers together, you’ll automatically re-experience the emotions of self-esteem.

If you make a mental image of yourself with the exact body that you want to have, and then trigger your anchor by touching the two fingers together, that feeling of self-esteem will become connected to the image of you with the body that you want. The outcome of this technique is that you’ll have dramatically increased your motivation to stick to your diet and lose weight.

And everytime that you trigger that anchor, your motivation will grow even more. Therefore, you’ll be much more willing to do whatever is necessary to get the body that you want! If you find yourself in a moment of weakness, trigger the anchor and the feeling of self-esteem and mental image of you with the great body will power you through that weak moment.

NLP Technique – Flash Away Cravings

The ‘Flash’ (Swish) is a super powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming pattern that can be used to “flip” things around in the subconscious. For example: Using this pattern, experiences that previously triggered feelings of depression can actually trigger feelings of peace and relaxation instead.

television couple eatingThe NLP Flash pattern is also terrifically effective for eliminating conditioned responses. For example: If a dieter eats while watching TV, her subconscious will pair the two actions together so that she automatically acquires a craving for food everytime she watches TV.

The ‘Flash’ pattern can be used to turn that around, so that everytime she sits down to watch TV, she unconsciously sees herself watching TV without eating anything. Since it’s our unconscious pictures that compel us, she not only looses any desire to eat while watching TV, she feels compelled to NOT eat while watching TV!

Video Hypnosis / NLP – Visual Imagery The Easy Way

hypnosis video watching TVNot everyone has the talent for visual imagery. Neuro-VISION® is an electronic video that eliminates the client’s need to visualize. So rather than listening to a hypnotist’s voice and then having to use one’s imagination, the mind learns to automatically change visual associations that trigger negative feelings or cravings at the subconscious level using high-tech visual movies.

The Neuro-VISION® video methodology instructs the subconscious by way of a high-tech simulation procedure called computerized digital optics. This releases a subject from their tensions, urges and compulsions and allows a dieter to eliminate their feelings of hunger. Effects usually starts with the very first viewing!

Hypnotic Process Instructions

Process Instructions direct the subconscious to uncover a memory of an appropriate learning experience from the past, and apply that experience to make a change in one’s present behaviors. Process instructions work exceptionally well for a certain segment of the population.

But I Always Feel Hungry!

Appetite Hungry ManHunger is the body’s call for nourishment. However, when a person has an excess of body fat, they have many pounds of concentrated nourishment all ready stored in their body. So technically, it is impossible for that person to actually be hungry. However, it is possible for them to interpret what what they feel when their stomach contracts as hunger. There are a number of tricks one can learn through hypnosis to eliminate these false feelings of hunger.


Using Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss at Home

woman with earphonesOne of the biggest advantages of using self-hypnosis for weight loss is that you can practice it at home. There is no need to invest in costly one on one sessions with a hypnotherapist. This means that hypnosis and NLP techniques can be used in the most convenient way for you. In order to do this, you need to purchase an audio recording. This will usually be in the form of a CD or an MP3 product.

These are widely available from online stores. However, it is very important that you buy a professionally made recording. This is a product that has been put together by a well established hypnotherapist. These specialists are the only ones who can create an effective program. You can find out which recordings are legitimate by doing your own research into the most reliable providers. Look at the customer reviews on these programs, and ask yourself if they sound logical and believable.

You Can Lose Weight In A Flash!

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Walter Gratkowski

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