Best Diet For Hypertension

Best Diet For Hypertension blood pressure cuffThe best diet for hypertension: The diet industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, because it draws on a universal need: The need to stay healthy. Even if you are happy with your weight, it is still important to eat well. Without the right vitamins and minerals, the body suffers. Energy levels dip, skin and hair looks tired, and minor ailments turn into major ones. Fortunately, the DASH eating plan is the best diet for hypertension and maintaining all round health.

The DASH diet is the right choice for anybody seeking to lower their blood pressure. It is an ideal choice if your doctor has advised you to make long lasting lifestyle changes. It is fast, effective, and guarantees results. With this best diet for hypertension, you can say so long to fad eating regimes for good. It is time to take back your life. It is time to make this year the year that you take control of your health.

Best Diet For Hypertension no saltThere are lots of different blood pressure diets available. They all claim to be the best diet for hypertension around. What makes the DASH diet stand out is its relative simplicity. You do not need complex eating schedules. You can do away with pseudo-science. The DASH diet for hypertension involves clean and straightforward changes. And the most important is cutting down on your salt intake.

To find out more about how this hypertension diet plan can help you to transform your health, read this in depth guide.

Can You Can’t Stick to It?

To understand why DASH is the best diet for hypertension, we need to start right from the top. It is important to explore the key problems associated with modern eating plans. Usually, it is not the diet which fails. All healthy eating regimes can result in weight loss and a better lifestyle if followed correctly. What they do not account for is the behavioral aspects of eating.

Best Diet For Hypertension social eatingThis is vital. A huge proportion of our compulsion to eat involves habit or social expectation. In the western world, food is so abundant that we have stopped eating when hungry. We now eat for a number of additional reasons. We might be bored. We may be used to treating food as a social activity. There are some people who use food as an emotional support. Ultimately, our habits are what drive us.


There are three key components that trigger an appetite.

And they can be difficult to break. So, we eat too much salt, sugar, and fat. We consume when we do not need to and we gain weight. The good news is that these habits can be broken. There are three key components that trigger an appetite. The first is our hormones. Sugar, fat, and salt trigger the pleasure responses. The more we eat them, the better we feel. This explains why so many people associate food with feelings of happiness.

Appetite Cartoon Man Eating & Watch TVThe second involves conditioned responses. These are like hormones, but they are externally produced. When we eat, we feel happy. Naturally then, the places in which we regularly eat start to remind us of feeling happy. The same rules apply to activities. If you always eat in front of the television, your brain will crave food every time.

Finally, there are emotional reasons that people eat. This is a difficult concept for many to grasp. Some People get compulsions to eat because being overweight can provide all kinds of emotional protection. 99% of the emotional eaters do not recognize this aspect of themselves!

What Makes the DASH Diet for Hypertension Different?

Best Diet For Hypertension plates with healthy foodThe DASH diet is the best diet for hypertension because it takes things back to basics. It focuses on serving the right portion sizes. It reinforces the need to eat a broad variety of foods. And, it acts as a guide when it comes to the right amounts of nutrients. Salt is a particularly important issue for this hypertensive diet. It is a big contributor to high blood pressure, so it is important to regulate your intake.

The reason why DASH is so popular and the best diet for hypertension is because it does not involve having to count calories. This so often sets people up for failure. Nobody wants to spend their time ‘number crunching’ when out at lunch. Nobody wants to do calculations when putting together packed lunches. Instead, take the DASH hypertension diet as your guide. Use it to find the best foods to lower blood pressure and keep your heart in tip top condition.

Best Diet For Hypertension fruits & vegetablesTo follow this diet, all you need is common sense. Steer clear of artificial foods full of refined sugars, chemicals, and preservatives. Opt for fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat dairy options. So, for example, switch out white bread for brown. Or swap your white rice for a wholegrain variety. In place of fatty minced meat or steak, enjoy roasted salmon and boiled chicken.

How Can I make it Easier to stick to the DASH Diet?

The first two steps are easy if you are committed to a healthier lifestyle. You need to shop carefully for healthy foods to lower blood pressure. Then, you need to cut back your portion sizes. If you struggle with this at first, you can cut them down by a little each week. The point is not to starve yourself, but to listen to what your body is telling you. If you eat slowly and savor your food, you will give your stomach time to register that it is full.

This is very important. As the best diet for hypertension, DASH emphasizes the need to recognize feeling full. Avoid eating for any other reason than hunger. Do not eat simply to prevent food from being wasted. Do not eat because you are bored or restless. Listen to your body and it will tell you all that you need to know. For most people, the only real challenge is giving up salt. And this is where hypnosis and NLP techniques can be invaluable.

Our addiction to salt is reinforced at very meal. It is difficult to break. It is natural to struggle with reducing the amount of salt in your diet because it is present in so much of what we eat. Yet, there are ways to make it easier. And, because the best diet for hypertension recommends eating as little salt as possible, the change is essential.

spice-bottlesTo begin with, try swapping out salt as seasoning for herbs and spices. It is surprising how tasty a pinch of paprika, cumin, or regular pepper can be in place of salt. Eventually, your taste buds will adjust to the change and crave salt less frequently. However, it can be tricky to get to this point. If you are sticking to what foods lower blood pressure and eating good portions, but still struggling with salt intake, try hypnosis for appetite control.

What Good is a Diet, If You Can’t Stick to It?

Can Hypnosis Or NLP Really Help Me to Eat Less?

heart beatsHypnosis and NLP techniques are great for regulating appetite and breaking harmful habits. As aforementioned, much of our compulsion to eat is driven by habit (conditioned responses). So, hypnosis can be a secret weapon in your arsenal and a great accompaniment to the best diet for hypertension. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a form of mental reprogramming which works by speaking directly to the subconscious mind.

NLP techniques do not teach you how to avoid bad habits. They permanently break them. And it is clever enough to avoid the common pitfalls of modern diets. For instance, consider the following scenario: You are trying girls-eating-pizzato eat less pizza. You tell yourself, over and over, ‘Stay away from pizza.’ Naturally, all you can think about is pizza. So the more you tell yourself not to, the harder it is to stop thinking about pizza.

One trick is talk to yourself in positive terms. Rather than saying what you don’t want to do, ‘I’m not going to eat pizza,’ Tell yourself what you do want to do, and leave out any word that would trigger the thought of pizza. ‘I can live without it!’ In other words, redefine the thought so that it becomes constructive.

Another powerful NLP technique being used in this way relies on mental imagery. For instance, the NLP “Flash”, in the above example, would be used to program the unconscious mind to automatically use the mental image of pizza as a trigger for an image of one’s self in the same environment, with a trim healthy body. The ‘outcome image’ would either not have any food in it, or you would see yourself eating a small portion of healthy foods, with a smile on your face.

Can NLP Techniques Enhance the DASH Diet?

The 2009 study conducted by Knauper demonstrates the power of NLP techniques in action. Instead of trying not to think about unhealthy foods, study subjects were told to focus on positive associations. So, when shopping, they were instructed to use ‘if-then’ phrases. For example, ‘If I see a fruit smoothie at work, I will buy it.’ If combined with mental images of themselves performing the act, the subjects were much more likely to follow through with it.

NLP Anchor Hand OK SignOr, NLP techniques can be used to create positive anchors. A good example of this is if you place a picture of a happier, healthier you on a kitchen cupboard. Look at it before you eat a healthy meal. As you take the image in, choose a simple action and perform it. This can be finger clicking, whistling, or crossing your toes. Soon, you will be able to recall the positive image and emotion without looking at the image.

So, if you need a bit of motivation to pick salad over sausages at work, perform the action. The movement will automatically trigger the positive mental image and feeling. The more often you do this, the more solidly linked the two will become. The power of NLP techniques for appetite control lies with their longevity. It is common for modern diets to fall apart, because a diet in and of itself cannot break bad habits or eradicate them.

With the support of hypnosis techniques and the best diet for hypertension, you can take back control of your health. All it takes is a little commitment. Are you ready to transform your life?

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