Weight Loss Hypnosis is The Magic Pill

weight loss hypnosis Debbie Dunn

Weight Loss Hypnosis is The Magic Pill

weight loss hypnosisHave you ever been a week into a successful diet that you can tell is working? Then a voice inside your head starts screaming for ice cream (or chips, or a candy bar). Once that voice starts, it seems like it just won’t shut up! If you’ve suffered from this symptom, then I guess you haven’t taken advantage of weight loss hypnosis.

You may as well have a chubby little toddler sitting on your shoulder. He shouts into your ear around the clock. That toddler’s name is ‘Cravings’. The fastest way to lose weight and stick to a healthy diet is to stop the cravings from telling you what to eat. You can do that with weight loss hypnosis.

fat manMost of us could stand to lose a few pounds. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 69% of Americans over the age of twenty are overweight or obese. Weight gain is usually caused by unhealthy habits. Once the weight is gained, it’s hard to lose again. It takes more than a healthy diet and the right exercise to lose weight and keep it off. But life can seem to constantly work against you, once you have developed long time unhealthy habits.

The famous talk show host and psychologist, Phil McGraw said, “Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower.” Weight loss hypnosis replaces your unhealthy cravings with the desire to eat healthy foods that boost your metabolism. It helps you to reprogram, with no willpower. Scientific research says that people who used hypnosis lost up to 16 times more weight.

Weight Loss Hypnosis To The Rescue

Lose weight hypnosis helps you suppress your compulsions to eat unhealthy food. Even if the compulsions are caused by emotions. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) breaks the conditioning that is driving you to eat too much or eat poorly. Different methods are used to replace your unhealthy mental conditioning. New healthier conditioned responses are added. You won’t associate watching TV or lying in bed with eating anymore.

weight loss hypnosis Debbie DunnDebby D. was overweight and she knew it. She didn’t enjoy life because of it. Yet, she would still eat fast food, chips or ice cream. She ate even when she wasn’t hungry. She ate in the middle of the night or while she was watching TV.

Debby decided to try the “Slim and Sexy!” Hypnosis Weight Loss CD’s & DVD Package. Debby lost 72 pounds by listening to a CD for 20 minutes a day. Two or three times a week she watched a special video hypnosis process called Neuro-VISION®. She reports that her life has changed and she likes herself again. Weight loss hypnosis is how to lose weight fast.

Video: Debby Tells Her Story

A healthy diet is the safest and fastest way to lose weight. Medical research has proven that all diets work. But what good is a diet if you can’t stick to it?

What Compels A Person To Overeat and Gain Weight?

There are three key elements which can stimulate oral compulsions. And they are often challenging to break. The newsflash is that these components can be overcome.

The number one component is: Clients put food into their mouth for relaxation and pleasure. This little subconscious program is created when a child’s mom puts a bottle in the infant’s mouth whenever it starts to cry. The child gets distracted, relaxes, and very often falls asleep.

saltAdditionally, sugar, fat, and salt trigger a feeling of pleasure. The more frequently we consume them, the better we like it. This is another reason why a lot of of us associate food with feelings of pleasure.

The second component includes conditioned responses. Conditioned responses are externally produced. When we eat, we feel relaxed. Naturally then, the places in which we eat on a regular basis start to remind us of feeling peaceful. They also remind us of food.

The same rules apply to behaviors. If you always eat while driving your car, your subconscious mind will be programmed to trigger oral cravings every time you engage in this activity.

Last but not least, there are subconscious emotional reasons that we overeat. This is a difficult concept for most people to grasp. Some people get compulsions to eat because when one is overweight, it can provide all kinds of emotional protection. 99% of the emotional eaters don’t recognize this aspect of their eating problems.

How Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Traditional Hypnotism

weight loss hypnosis traditional hypnosisAlmost all hypnotists will use a from of traditional hypnotism. Traditional hypnosis usually relies upon a ritualistic hypnosis induction. This is a methodology that guides the client from the waking state, into a hypnotic state.

Once the subject is in a hypnotic state, the hypnotist makes a series of post-hypnotic suggestions such as these: “You will want to stop overeating because it makes you feel fat and bloated.” “Eating too much has made you look and feel unattractive, and destroyed your self-esteem.” “As you begin to lose weight, you will feel happier and more satisfied with yourself and your world.”

This variety of hypnosis is fine for people who like to be commanded what to do. However, it’s counter productive for clients who are overly analytical in their nature. This type of client will almost always have a polarity response and do the opposite of what they are commanded to do.

Process Instructions for Weight Loss Hypnosis

Process Instructions direct the unconscious / subconscious to uncover a memory of an appropriate learning experience from the past, and use that experience to make a change in one’s present.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

With “Ericksonian Hypnosis,” also known as “Conversational Hypnosis,” we use short stories or metaphors, to insert suggestions and ideas into the unconscious mind. This is a successful practice, because it effectively abolishes the blockage of and resistance to suggestions that is very often caused by the conscious mind. There are two kinds of metaphors, “Isomorphic,” and those of the embedded command or “interspersal” nature.

Isomorphic metaphors for weight loss hypnosis offer direction to the unconscious / subconscious by offering a story that transmits a moral. The unconscious / subconscious draws a one-to-one parallel between components of the story and components of a problem issue or negative behavior.

weight loss hypnosis boy who cried wolfFor illustration: If a child is telling a lot of lies the parent could tell the child the story about the “Boy who cried wolf.” The unconscious / subconscious would draw a parallel between the boy in the tale and the child, who would become aware that telling fibs will probably lead to disaster, so the child would probably stop lying.

With the Embedded Command procedure, the hypnotist tells an engaging story that distracts and engages the conscious mind. The tale contains hidden indirect suggestions that are almost always acknowledged by the unconscious / subconscious mind.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

With NLP, in place of stating suggestions, we utilize the same thought processes that are creating an issue, like cravings and compulsions, to get rid of the the same exact issues. Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the hands of an experienced therapist can be very effective. I use many different Neuro-Linguistic Programming systems in my professional practice, and in my MP3 programs.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Simplified Definition

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the discipline of re-tasking the same thought processes that create a destructive emotional or behavioral issue, to remove it and exchange it for a positive one.

Example NLP Techniques

NLP Anchoring: Have you ever listened to an old song and found that it brought back feelings from a remembered experience? When you first listened to the music, you were feeling those emotional feelings, which subconsciously became tied to the sound of the song. So the song became an ‘Anchor’ for the feelings. Now when you hear the song, it triggers the same exact feelings again.

nlp anchorAnchoring can be a very effective technique. Suppose that you have a memory of being applauded for having done something well in the past. If you step back inside of that memory, you’ll re-experience the feelings of self-esteem that you had at that time. If you press two fingers together, as you re-experience those feelings of self-esteem, that touch becomes an ‘Anchor’ for the feelings of self-esteem.

Now suppose that you want to create motivation to adhere to a diet and lose some weight. If you visualize a mental picture of yourself with a lean figure, and at the same time you trigger the anchor by pressing the two fingers together again, your unconscious / subconscious will join the feelings of self-esteem to the image of you with the lean figure, and your amount of inspiration to lose some weight will dramatically increase.

NLP Flash: This is an exceptionally effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique that can be applied to “flip” things around in the unconscious, so that experiences that used to trigger feelings of anxiety actually trigger peace instead. This is the most effective technique for breaking conditioned responses.

television man eatingThe Neuro-Linguistic Programming Flash technique is also immensely effective for extinguishing conditioned responses. For example: If a person gets cravings for food every time they watch TV, it is because they’ve unconsciously associated food with the TV. The ‘Flash’ is the best technique for extinguishing that association. In fact, it can be used to create a compulsion to NOT eat while watching TV!

NLP Reframe: Reframing is a effective technique for aiding a person to change their behavioral patterns. We must respect that there is a positive end result accomplished by all behaviors. This positive outcome is always important. However, the behavior that is applied to accomplish that positive outcome is totally unimportant.

When we do a ‘Reframe’, we negotiate with the subconscious mind and have it accept responsibility for triggering the client to unconsciously substitute another more consciously acceptable behavior. The new behavior must be as effective and available at accomplishing that positive result. You can read more about reframes in the article entitled: “The Secret Formula For Successful Change.”

Video Hypnosis

Video Appetite Cartoon Watching TVHypnosis (trademarked Neuro-VISION®) is a innovative form of commercially accessible hypnotic/NLP program. The systems applied in Neuro-VISION are based on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming technology, which functions based on the employment of a person’s current thought processes, instead of post-hypnotic suggestion.

Over seventy percent of the populace learns much faster by seeing, rather than by hearing. Give it some thought. If you become aware of an urge to eat when watching TV, it is because your unconscious mind memorized the video picture of food in your hand, and then related that image, with the mental picture of the TV. You never spoke to yourself and told yourself in words to associate them together, did you?

And that is the reason why Neuro-VISION®, which was bestowed a Registered United States Patent, is so effective. Neuro-VISION is not weight loss hypnosis in the customary sense, relying on the spoken word; instead, it’s a form of video NLP. And if you’ve ever felt emotion when watching a sad television show, then you know just how effective video hypnosis can be at effecting the unconscious / subconscious mind.

The Neuro-VISION video technique trains the unconscious / subconscious by way of a high-tech simulation process called computerized digital optics. This releases a person from their compulsions, urges, and tensions and enables a dieter to eliminate their appetite. Results usually start during the very first viewing!


do subliminal messages workWith “Subliminal” programs, the CD contains two tracks. One track consists of a cover sound that the conscious mind hears. The cover sound can be any sound from music to nature sounds. The purpose is to distract the conscious mind. The second track contains direct suggestions that are listened to by the unconscious / subconscious mind. These suggestions are repeated hundreds of times during a listening session.

Subliminals can be used to augment hypnotic programs. But Subliminal MP3’s will never replace Hypnosis MP3’s because they are not as effective! They are not even in the same universe! Studies have claimed that it will take up to 80 hours of listening to a subliminal CD  before it will have any effect on many people. (Personally, this author as well as many other experts in the field, do not believe that ‘silent’ subliminals have any effect at all.)

News Flash on Subliminals: Newly announced ‘Threshold Subliminals’ offer a methodology that actually does work. In comparison to “silent” subliminals, as one listens carefully, you can hear the suggestions on a conscious level.

The user focuses on the cover sound, which can be a nature sound, binaural beats, or any type of music, and that sound amuses and distracts the consciousness, so that the positive affirmations are easily added into the unconscious / subconscious mind. The results can be intense!

The Bottom Line for Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis eliminates your cravings and urges to overeat. Scientific research proves people who use hypnosis lose up to 16 times more weight than those who don’t use hypnosis.

Combine a healthy diet and hypnosis, and you have a great way to get rid of your cravings and compulsions to eat unhealthy foods. Then you can stay on any diet of your choice.

Using weight loss hypnosis, you can lose from 10 to 100 pounds or more. Several thousand of my clients have used lose weight hypnosis to lose their unwanted weight. Never again resort to fade diets, have to count calories, take weight loss medication with side effects or starve yourself. Never again struggle to figure out how to lose weight fast or stay on a healthy diet. Just turn your dieting struggle into a relaxing, motivated lifestyle with a properly structured professional hypnosis program.

weight loss hypnosis Alan B. Densky
Alan B. Densky, CH

Alan B. Densky, CH has been helping clients with appetite suppression and weight loss since 1978. Visit his hypnosis website to view his Free hypnotherapy videos or learn about his exclusive Video lose weight hypnosis programs that received a US Patent.

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