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All diets fail . . .

. . . because they don’t eliminate cravings and compulsions to eat. The best NLP techniques do eliminate cravings and compulsions to eat, so you automatically eat less, which triggers weight loss.

Our modern societies are obsessed with weight loss. We hear about it on daytime talk shows. We walk past diet advertisements on our way to work. We emulate the exercise regimes favored by high profile celebrities. Yet, many of us still struggle to achieve meaningful change. Fortunately, with the help of NLP techniques for weight loss, things can be different.

nlp techniques weight lossIt’s time to realize that fad diets and yo-yo eating plans are not the best way forward. They are detrimental to one’s health and are rarely successful. It is time to discover the power of (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) NLP techniques. This innovative and highly effective process works directly with your unconscious mind to eradicate harmful associations with food.

So, instead of facing an uphill struggle of tiny portions and unsatisfying meals, you can get right to the source of your weight gain. With NLP techniques for weight loss, you can entirely remove the compulsion to overeat. The process is easy to follow, private, sensitive to your needs and extremely effective. Within just a few weeks, the results will shock you.

This in depth guide to the best NLP techniques for weight loss will help you get to grips with this remarkable practice.

The Challenges of Weight Loss

It could be argued that the problem with healthy eating plans is that they are generic. They may be based on nutritional data, but they ignore an important reality. There are an almost endless number of reasons why people crave food and feel compelled to overeat. For most, it masks an emotional conflict. It provides pleasure in the face of stress or anguish. This is the most common cause of obesity!

nlp techniques Appetite Cartoon Man Eating & Watch TVIt is not the only one however. There are some people who have learned to associate food with certain environments. They might find themselves eating every time that they sit down to watch TV. Even if they are not especially hungry, they will eat anyway. The link between the environment and food is so strong that it becomes automatic. This is referred to as a conditioned response.

Or, an overweight person may be overeating as a form of emotional protection. This is a very complicated problem, and there are powerful NLP techniques that can be used to solve it. They just need to identify the source of the compulsive eating behavior. For example: It could be that an overweight woman is overeating to protect herself from a bad relationship. If she makes herself unappealing, she finds a way to escape its sexual dimensions. One of the NLP techniques called an NLP Reframe, can be used to reprogram the unconscious to automatically substitute another behavior that is more consciously acceptable, but that accomplishes the same protection / outcome.

Finding an Effective Solution

Once again, there are many reasons why a person might gain weight. However, there are only a few guaranteed ways to lose weight permanently. With simple NLP techniques, shedding unwanted pounds is easy. This is because the change occurs at the unconscious level of mind. To understand how, you first need to understand the basics of at least one NLP technique.

We Will Start With a Very Simple Example of NLP Techniques.

nlp techniques Purple CarrotsWe will start with a very simple example. On a conscious level, we naturally understand the distinction between a ‘do’ and a ‘do not’ command. Yet, in order to process a negative ‘do not’ command,  the unconscious must drop the ‘not’ word. So, what happens if you are told not to think about purple carrots? You instantly visualize a picture of purple carrots, of course. In order to process the ‘do not’ command, the brain must first think about the forbidden image. Unfortunately it’s the forbidden image that is creating the cravings! So in this case, the ‘do not’ think about purple carrots command would be ineffective.

nlp techniques rainbowTo make a command effective, it must be stated in the positive. Always tell yourself what you want to have, or want to do. Never tell yourself what you don’t want to have or don’t want to do. Instead of ‘do not’ think about purple carrots, tell yourself to think about something else. Example: “Think about a rainbow.” That will prevent you from picturing purple carrots!

Understanding NLP Techniques

The above is an extremely simple example, but it works the same way for weight loss. You should never tell yourself, ‘Do not eat the cake’ or ‘I’m not going to eat any cake’. Because that will make you picture eating cake. Instead, tell yourself what you want to do, ‘I can live without it!’ Notice that this command doesn’t even include the word cake. This command will conjure up an image of yourself in the same environment, but there won’t be any image of food. So there won’t be any cravings or compulsions either.

nlp techniques weight loss girl on beachHere’s a little trick: Stick a picture of a slimmer you on a kitchen cupboard. If you don’t have one, take a picture of someone else’s thin body, and glue a picture of your face on it. Look at that picture before you eat a healthy meal. As you do, click your fingers. In time, you will be able to click your fingers and automatically recall the positive image, and it will help provide a motivational boost. This little idea lies at the heart of using NLP Anchor techniques for weight loss.

The beauty of NLP techniques for weight loss lies with their longevity. It is common for diets and exercise plans to fail because they ‘paper’ over the issues. They provide a temporary fix, instead of reshaping unconscious connections to food and disconnections from food.

hypnosis techniques psychiatristWe see this time and time again with diet pills and even therapy.

While you might expect standard forms of psychotherapy to be effective, it only identifies the problem. It does not correct it. It’s time consuming and expensive. Unlike NLP techniques, it does not put practical solutions in place. It might explain why a person associates eating with watching TV, but it does not reprogram the unconscious mind to break that link.

The impact of NLP and the use of mental imagery was demonstrated by Knauper (2009). Out of two groups of student subjects, the group using mental imagery to aid healthy eating saw a significant increase in fruit consumption. They were told to construct ‘if-then’ plans. For example, ‘If I see apple juice at work, I will buy it.’ When combined with mental images of themselves performing the act, the students were much more likely to buy the fruit.

nlp techniques child with earphonesThe Difference between NLP and Hypnosis

It is important to understand that NLP techniques do not require the direct or overt induction of a hypnotic trance state. NLP techniques are used by hypnotherapists, but they are a distinct practice. You are not put into ‘trance.’ You are not given any concealed messages or suggestions. All information is offered openly and directly. The key to its success lies with the way in which the information is given and processed. Unlike hypnotherapy, NLP techniques require that the client take an interactive part with the session.

If you want to use NLP techniques for losing weight, the NLP Reframing technique, now available on CD, can be very useful. So, instead of demonizing or disregarding the source of overeating, it is more helpful to acknowledge it. If you can identify the problem, you can find a better solution than eating. But even if you can’t consciously identify the source of the problem, your unconscious mind can, and the NLP Reframing technique can still be just as successful!

nlp techniques Workout MotivationFor example, you might find yourself revisiting the fridge lots in the evenings. This could be because you are bored and need stimulation. A much better solution would be to join a club, find a new hobby, join a gym, or learn a skill. Now, you have reframed your perspective and taken eating out of the picture. You cannot use NLP techniques to ‘trick’ the subconscious, as you can with hypnosis. You need to be wiling and ready to break those harmful associations.

Reframing as a Treatment for Trauma

There are many high profile examples of reframing. One of the most controversial is The Trauma Myth, by psychologist Sue Clancy (2011). In this book, she describes her work with victims of child sex abuse. According to Clancy, most of the trauma associated with these events is stimulated much later, during adulthood. It is a direct product of how other people ‘expect’ victims to feel or have felt at the time.

For Clancy, this is a ground breaking discovery which could help sex abuse victims overcome their trauma. If feelings of guilt, fear, anxiety, or shame are expected of us, we begin to embody them. Otherwise, we might feel dysfunctional or abnormal in some way. For abuse victims, this can stand in the way of recovery. If a person does not believe that they should feel happy, they will subconsciously seek to sustain harmful behaviors.

Making NLP Techniques Work for You

One of the best things about NLP techniques for weight loss is that they are so easy to use. There is no need to spend precious time and money on lengthy hypnotherapy / NLP sessions. The NLP techniques are just as effective when delivered at home, via an audio recording. This means that you can deliver NLP techniques for weight loss in private, at home. In fact, there is even a Video NLP technology, Trademarked Neuro-VISION® that is now available to the general public. It eliminates the client’s need to visualize!

If the CD or MP3 recording has been created by an experienced professional, the results will be just as powerful.

nlp techniques Alan b. Densky If the CD or MP3 recording has been created by an experienced professional, the results will be just as powerful. However, for maximum effect, you should listen in a relatively peaceful space. There should be little noise, no distractions, and you should feel comfortable. If possible, keep pets and young children away while you are practicing the NLP techniques.

Using NLP techniques for weight loss is an established process. The many high quality NLP recordings available online have been carefully constructed to penetrate the mind. They are intelligent, tactful, and sensitive products, which have helped thousands of people to change their lives. It is time to let them help you change yours.

Why spend hours in a hypnotherapy office when you could be using NLP techniques for weight loss in the comfort of your home? The cost of an audio recording is small. You can listen to the CD or MP3 as many times as you like. You can listen to it in the bath or on a train. You can listen to it before bed. The possibilities are endless.

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