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Weight Loss Through Hypnosis CD's

NLP and Hypnosis Breakthrough
Ends The Compulsion To Over Eat!


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By Alan B. Densky, CH


From: Alan B. Densky, CH              5 Star Rating Customer Reviews

Dear Friend,


NLP Reframe 6 Step ReframeHave you ever wondered why many people who want to lose weight seem to sabotage their weight loss efforts, right from the very start?


It's almost as if there are conflicting parts of the person. One part wants to lose weight, but the other part wants to gain it. The bad news is that the part that wants to gain it usually wins!


Why? That's because gaining weight can provide emotional protection, and compulsive eating can bring about all kinds of emotional suppression or distraction.


In fact, fitness experts state that around 75% of overeating or binge eating is attributed to emotions. And 99% of emotional eaters do not even recognize this aspect of themselves!


So for those people who have tried every diet or exercise technique available, but still can't push through with their weight loss goals, then overcoming their emotional eating habit could be the last vital factor to help them finally attain the body of their dreams!



Continue Reading and Discover:

  • Why people resort to emotional eating

  • How to cure this terrible eating disorder

  • How NLP Reframing eliminates the compulsion to eat

  • How hypnosis & NLP can break the weight loss yo-yo cycle


Why Do People Resort To Emotional Eating?

Since food has been known to give comfort, people resort to emotional eating as a way to overcome or handle certain negative emotions such as anger, boredom, stress, sadness, low self-esteem, nervousness, fear and anxiety.

When problems arise, people focus on eating "comfort" foods to give them temporary relief from the issue at hand.

But here's a shocking fact that most people are not aware of...

Emotional eating is being used as a sort of emotional protection by our unconscious mind. Here's an example...

A person gets their heart broken in a relationship. This might happen only once, or it might happen several times. The input to the unconscious mind is, "If I'm in a relationship, then I get my heart broken."

Since one of the unconscious mind's jobs is to protect us, the unconscious motivates us into a behavior that will stop us from getting our heart broken again by keeping us out of relationships.

And that behavior for many people, is to get fat! To reiterate: The actual intent of the behavior is to prevent suffering from a broken heart, the behavior itself is getting fat.

As a result, when a person eats emotionally, they find that they lack the motivation to stick to their weight loss program... even if they believe that they are committed to their fitness plan.

Sometimes they are able to get started and lose a few pounds; but after a short while, they feel compelled to overeat and put the weight back on.

And to make matters worse, as soon as emotional eating gets a person off track and results to their weight gain, another negative emotion (guilt) creates stress, which adds fuel to the fire and makes the person overeat even more.

If nothing is done to cure binge eating brought about by emotions, this awful eating cycle will continue indefinitely and will make the person feel worse and worse as they gain more weight.


Is There A Way To Cure This Terrible 

Eating Disorder?

Up until now, this type of emotional eating had to be treated in an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner's office using an NLP technique called a "Six Step Reframe."

NLP Practitioners often call this type of therapy, "Parts Therapy" because it aims to negotiate with the aggressive part of the person that wants to gain weight (in this example to keep the person out of a relationship and prevent another a broken heart).

Now here's the problem: Most people suffering from an emotional eating disorder have to pay a $250.00+ per hour fee to clinical hypnosis/NLP professionals to avail of this powerful NLP and hypnosis therapy.

Ouch! That could easily drain anyone's budget before they even get to see any results.

The good news is that I've developed a powerful NLP and hypnosis treatment in the form of an interactive CD that contains these exact NLP six step reframing techniques, so anyone can experience the same powerful results in the comfort and convenience of their own home, and at a tiny fraction of what most NLP therapists charge!

Want to know more about my hypnosis treatment breakthrough? It's fittingly called...

Reframe Emotional Eating! 

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis & NLP Audio Program


Weight Loss Through Hypnosis CDSIn the example I used above, the intent was to keep the person from getting their heart broken again. But it's important to understand that this is just one example of how a person could "benefit" from being fat. 

There are as many different examples of this, as there are people who have a weight problem. And most people will never recognize these behaviors in themselves. They can even be behaviors that have been present since childhood.

"Reframe Emotional Eating!" is a powerful binge eating treatment that can reprogram the unconscious to automatically substitute other more consciously acceptable behaviors in place of being fat, which eliminates that source of your appetite and compulsive eating behavior.


*This program is designed to be used in conjunction with either Vaporize Your Appetite! or the Lose Weight In A Flash! program. It is included in the Slim And Sexy! program.


If you find yourself conflicted; in other words, you want to lose weight but never seem to follow through with what you need to do to lose weight (including listening to your other hypnosis weight loss programs on a regular basis), then this is probably the "missing link" in your weight loss self-treatment.


NLP Reframe Eating CDs

My Hypnosis & NLP for Reframe Emotional Eating CD will step the client through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes through Hypnosis.



What Makes "Reframe Emotional Eating!" Much More Powerful Than Other Weight Loss Hypnosis Programs?




How Much Is Having A Lean And 
Healthy Body Worth To You?

Emotional eating can be very difficult to control, and people may not even be aware that they're doing it until they have gained so much weight and put their health at serious risks!

At that point, they will feel so frustrated that they will be compelled to eat even more, which could actually worsen their condition!

Those who are aware of the dangers of emotional eating have already sought out the help of hypnosis/hypnotherapy/NLP experts (such as myself) to cure their binge eating problem. But they have to shell out $200.00+ per hour to avail of this emotional compulsive eating treatment.

But here's the really good news... you can now achieve the same results in the comfort of your home by owning Reframe Emotional Eating!

You Pay Only . . . $34.97 +




Save money on my NLP CDsSave Money on my Slim & Sexy Combo Package






headache Pain Hypnosis CDs GuaranteeTake Advantage Of My 90-Day,
Risk-Free, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee this program can stop even the most seemingly hopeless emotional eating disorder - quickly, easily, safely and effectively. And to prove it, I'm shouldering all the risks for you. (Read My Full Money Back Guarantee)


Note: "Reframe Emotional Eating!" is available in two formats:

A. High Quality Audio on CDs. This includes a Quick Start

    Download of Instructional Session 1 & a Power Relaxation MP3.

B. Instant Download MP3s. Full program as a series of MP3s

    that you download right now. After you have completed payment,
    you will automatically be sent to our download page which includes
    instructions if needed.

    These files are quite large, approximately 100 MB, so a Broadband

    connection is required. No sales tax and no shipping

    fees anywhere.


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There's no need to be a victim of emotional eating and unwanted weight gain. And there's certainly no need to pay $200.00+ per hour for any binge eating treatment.

My "Reframe Emotional Eating!" Program has already helped thousands of clients in dozens of countries around the world eliminate even the worst type of compulsive and emotional eating problem... at a tiny fraction of what NLP therapists charge.

It always gives me great joy to read about their life-changing experiences. I'm looking forward to hearing your success story next.


To Your Lasting Fitness And Health,

Alan B. Densky, CH

CEO of Neuro-VISION, Inc.

P.S. Finally! Anyone can lose weight, look good, be happy and feel great about themselves using the most powerful hypnosis techniques and NLP patterns to overcome emotional eating. Try it now and see the results for yourself! And to give you 100% assurance of its effectiveness, I will gladly give you a full refund just in case it doesn't work.

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating I'm so lucky to have found your website. Thank you sooo much for helping me turn my eating disorder around.

By J. Leigh

Hi Alan, 

I have had an eating disorder since...since I was able to start eating as a child. As of yesterday, I had extremely low self esteem, in the gutter. I depended on others for approval. I always second-guessed myself. and every minute of every day was spent in nerve-racking discomfort, with just being myself. 

However, last night, I listened to your Compulsive Overeating reframing CD...only one session, and today my self esteem is sky high (it's never been). I don't have the urge to hurt myself by overeating anymore. My boss (after only one day) has already told me that whatever I'm doing, I need to keep doing it! ....lucky for me, I don't need to "keep doing" anything!

When I went to a restaurant today, I usually get defensive when people look at me, but today I walked in calm with a smile. I didn't care one way or the other who was looking at me. I was just happy and content. And when I stepped outside, I had a big smile on my face. Normally I would have worried about the people on the patio and what they thought about me, I would have held my smile in...but today, I was so happy and was proud to be able to show it with ease. What a relief to be free!!! 

All the anxiety in my body is gone and replaced with a zest and loving feeling. I imagine this is why people take drugs, kind of like what I did with food...to kill the pain and feel euphoria. I think this is the feeling that people are looking for.

I highly recommend this "eating product" to anyone who wants to quit an addiction, because for me it eliminated the "uneasy" feeling and replaced it with complete bliss. No drugs or food necessary for the high.

I'm so lucky to have found your website. Thank you sooo much for helping me turn my eating disorder around. Thanks for the self esteem and the new lease on life. 

Thank you!!!!
J. Leigh

PS-feel free to use this email in any context on your website. If it helps people to realize how valuable your products are, by all means, post this to your website.

If you ever want to do an infomercial, give me a call. We really need to get your products out there because you're the only REAL source that I've found, whose products actually work. You're not all talk, you just deliver. Fantastic!