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Why Purchase From Neuro-VISION?

Q: Why do people purchase our programs?

A: People purchase our programs, because ordering any of our programs will allow you, our client, to experience what it is like to personally come into Mr. Densky's office and go through a complete series of private sessions.  Six to eight different sessions are built into every program, so you'll quickly reach your goals.  To prove it, just watch and listen to some of the video taped testimonials on this site.


Our programs are different, because each session includes a precise explanation of the work that will be done, the method of hypnosis or NLP that will be utilized, and why it will work.  Our programs step you, our client, through everything that is necessary to make rapid life altering changes, exactly like we would if you came into our office.  


Our programs are different, because while 99% of the programs available today are based on "Traditional Hypnosis"  (direct commands or suggestions), our programs utilize much more powerful "Ericksonian" forms of Hypnosis as well as "NLP" techniques.  


These methods are excellent for people who tend to be overly critical or analytical in their thinking, or people who question everything said to them.  


Everyone responds differently to each type of hypnosis.  So our programs provide you, our client, with multiple hypnotic sessions using a broad range of hypnotic techniques to assure that you will be successful.  And  for your peace of mind, we stand behind all of our programs with a no questions asked, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Our programs are different because  Alan B. Densky, the developer of the Neuro-VISION technology, wrote, produced, and recorded all of our video and audio programs. 


Q: What's so special about that?

A: Mr. Densky has extensive training in Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  He opened his professional practice of Hypnosis on February 1, 1978, and he still operates his professional practice.  He has worked with over 10,000 clients face-to-face on a one-on-one basis in his clinical practice.

And that's the point, because most Internet Hypnotists claim that they've worked with 30,000+ clients.  The truth is that they have done mainly one-shot hypnosis seminars in hotel rooms with 100+ people at a time.  They quote success statistics that are based on pure guesswork. Then they leave town.  

Many really have little or no experience working face-to-face and one-on-one with people who live in their own locality, where a hypnosis practice survives based only on the reputation of the practitioner.  

At least one "Hypnotist" on the web who is selling hypnosis MP3s & downloads is really a stage hypnotist, and not a therapist.  He even admits to it!  That's like someone claiming to be a surgeon because he owns a scalpel and he dissected a dead frog.

All Hypnosis recordings are NOT created equal!

Q: Who would you rather trust to help you with your problems?


Q. What About Hypnosis Downloads?

A: Have you ever tried to persuade someone to do something? When one studies the art of persuasion, we learn that everyone is different from everyone else. 

Sales professionals have learned that in order to persuade someone to buy something, they need to find out specifically what is important to that person, and then connect, in the prospect's mind, how making the purchase will enhance that specific aspect of the prospect's life. 

You will notice that sites that sell hypnosis downloads typically include only one session of hypnosis in that download. That's partially because of the nature of a download. The size of a download file must be kept as small as possible, and it should be kept to only a few megabytes if possible. 

That means that everyone receives, and is expected to respond to the same exact hypnosis session, as if there are some magic words that will change everyone. 

But since everyone needs to hear something different that is meant specifically for them, that single hypnosis session is only going to be effective for a very, very small percentage of the population.

What is the major difference between paying a consulting hypnotist $250.00 per hour for weekly sessions, and purchasing a prerecorded program? The major difference is that the consulting hypnotist can do a case history and mold his techniques to you. With a recorded program, this simply isn't possible. 

Mr. Densky's programs bypass this shortcoming by exposing you to a series of sessions where each session includes a variety of hypnotic techniques. Notice that I said "hypnotic techniques." I didn't say "hypnosis scripts."

Most hypnosis downloads are based on Traditional Hypnosis, which is nothing more than the hypnotist making post-hypnotic commands. Unfortunately, since our generation has been raised to question everything, most people resist or completely reject post-hypnotic commands.

By using various hypnotic techniques, such as Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP, Mr. Densky's programs bypass the average person's resistance to suggestion. Most of his techniques don't rely on suggestion at all. The techniques that Mr. Densky uses train the mind to use the same exact "thought processes" that it is using to create your problem(s), to eliminate your problem(s).

The bottom line is this: In order to present hypnotherapy that will have the greatest amount of effect on the largest amount of people, Mr. Densky's programs average between 6 and 8 full sessions. That means that they require a minimum of two full CDs, or well over 1000 Megabytes! The video hypnosis series are each over 4500 Megabytes. These file sizes are far too large to be downloaded.

Sorry, but Mr. Densky does NOT subscribe to the "one-size-fits-all" concept of hypnotherapy. If there is a "one-size-fits-all" method, that would be magic, and we would be happy to sign up for that ourselves if it were real.