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*As a Certified Hypnotist member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Alan follows the NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. 

NGH Code of Ethics


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Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Reduce Stress

  Neuro-VISION® is a Technology That Works  

Neuro-VISION Office Building 1980's   


Have all your attempts to lose weight, quit smoking, or change other problem areas in your life ended in failure?  

You try and try, but your deep-seated habits always win the battle and force you back into old patterns.


Isn't it time you beat this thing once and for all?


Up To 90% Immediate Success Rate...

and Neuro-VISION® CDs and DVDs have a proven long term success rate of up to 70%.  It's as simple as listening to the audio hypnosis CDs or watching the video on your TV.  



The messages contained in our CDs and DVDs will reach deep into your unconscious mind where habits form. When those negative habit patterns are exchanged for positive new behaviors, your struggle will be over!


No matter what problem you're fighting, we have a program guaranteed to help you. for example:



Why Our Programs Work Best

 253 clinics owned by doctors and psychologists have been licensed to use Alan B. Densky's Neuro-VISION® Appetite Control & Quit Smoking Programs to help their patients successfully kick unwanted habits.


Alan B. Densky, CH as a licensed hypno-technician and founder of The Center for Applied Hypnosis, has helped over 10,000 people change their lives in face-to-face sessions.


And now that his methods are available for private use on hypnosis CDs and DVDs, that number is growing rapidly as more and more people discover the Densky method.


Why is the Densky method so effective? It's backed by so many years of experience and training.


Alan B. Densky began his career as a licensed hypno-technician in 1978. Over the years working with over 10,000 clients, he observed that traditional forms of hypnotism no longer worked because they rely on direct commands and suggestions.


Most people in today's generation are critical or analytical in their thinking. They question everything and don't respond well to being told what to do.


So Alan Densky developed a new method of hypnotism that does work by getting past the logical, questioning part of our minds.


It's a unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian hypnotherapy, and his own Neuro-VISION® Video Hypnosis, which received a US Patent because of its effectiveness. This powerful combination of modern technologies is ideal for the majority of people, because most of us learn more quickly and automatically based on what we see.


No Willpower? No Problem

Alan B. Densky's programs work because they bypass your rational conscious mind and reach deep into your unconscious. There, they reprogram your mind to create new unconscious associations within your existing thought patterns. This causes you to automatically substitute good habits for bad ones.


That inner substitution is what makes our programs so powerful. They work quickly to bring about lasting change, even for those who have no willpower.


If you want to lose weight or quit smoking, we will be sending you the very last weight loss hypnosis or quit smoking hypnosis program you will ever need.


Or, if you want to transform another area of your life, we will send you the last treatment method you will ever need to manage stress, pain, migraines, phobias, insomnia, lack of self-confidence and more.


And you risk nothing by using our programs because we assure your satisfaction with a full 90 day money back guarantee. 


Can I Be Hypnotized?

Yes, virtually everyone is hypnotizable. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the more hypnotizable you are.

To prove it, try this FREE Power Relaxation Download You will be feeling tranquil and stress free in minutes. Imagine what can be accomplished with one of our full programs.


What's It Like?

Using our hypnosis CDs and DVDs is much like visiting a consulting hypnotist's office. The programs are personal and engaging. You'll feel like Alan B. Densky is in the room with you, guiding you through each session towards rapid change.  

Each program includes from six to eight different hypnotic sessions, to ensure that your transformation is rapid and complete. Alan B. Densky carefully explains the work that will be done and the therapeutic method to be used, just as he would in an office visit.

When your session is over, you'll feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Your compulsions will be gone and you'll be in control of your actions. Being more relaxed will also help you to eliminate your cravings.


In short, you'll be 100% ready to start your new life.


Most Popular Neuro-VISION® Hypnotic Programs



Weight Loss Hypnosis:


You can choose from our audio lose weight hypnosis CDs (Vaporize Your Appetite!) or our Neuro-VISION® DVD lose weight hypnosis video program (Lose Weight In A Flash!)depending on your budget and your preferred method of learning.


Quit Smoking:

To kick the habit, choose either our quit smoking hypnotism CD called "I Quit Smoking!" or the Neuro-VISION video smoking cessation program: "Quit Smoking In A Flash!". 


Other Programs

Use the menu to the left to locate the programs that suit your needs.

And then take the first step towards lasting and life-affirming change today! 

For your peace of mind, I Guarantee Your Satisfaction. It's impossible to know how wonderful these programs are and how much they will help, until you use them. 

So order the programs that you need, and use them for a FULL 90 DAYS.  I

f you don't feel that they have given you far more help than you expected or even thought possible, I will buy them back from you for 100% of the purchase price. No Questions Asked!


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Appetite Control Hypnosis - How It Works


  Stop Smoking Hypnosis Reviewed By Clients On Video

Stop Smoking Hypnosis - How It Works


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